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Default Please make a small donation if you can.

First Flight members,
I am not sure the exact town it is in , but there is a small Navy Federal Credit Union branch located in a strip mall off of 168, if anybody would like to make a donation, the info for the account is in the email. Thank you very much for taking the time to read. Ben

LARRY - Can you please offer a little space?
VANESSA - can you please help in getting this out to your viewers?
FRED - Please post on CCCHR site
GEORGE & BEN - Please send to all CCCHR member clubs
BEN - Please send to 1st Flight Cruisers
HERBERT - I will be sending $ 50.00 from the Council
HAL - please post to VPCCC
BOBBY - Please send to SEVMC members

To all out-of-towners and non-gearheads---this was a horrible occurrance - driving home in a NEW Chevrolet, the fuel line ruptured and the car was instantly engulfed in flames. The Dad died attempting to protect his son and, as Dee said, the Mom is not expected to live. Another driver, also returning from King's Dominion stopped and pulled the Mom and child from the car.

All of you know I have never asked for anything other than Christmas/Birthday cards for Logan, but I'm asking for this - just a dollar from a kazillion people equals a kazillion dollars...PLEASE send a modest contribution, and ask all of your mates to do the same. Together, each of us WILL make a difference..

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From: deirdrea nienstedt
Sent: Thursday, July 14, 2011 11:59 AM
Subject: this child needs help

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Hi Jerry, Again I am sorry for the last email I sent you.

I spoke to this fella yesterday and this is such a sad situation. They don't think his mother is going to live. So the lil fella is without parents, he is only 4. This so touched me.
Please put this out to the clubs. I have to try to help some how. Please give me a call 456-2211 later this evening. Dr's appt and I will not be home till later. Thanks Jerry.

I will leave my phone number at the end of the post and if you would like to verify anything I've posted you can call me. I am the president of the home owners association where the Weschlers lived and we are trying to do something to help them through this horrible tragedy.

I wanted to share a story about a hero who lived in our community. Chief Petty officer Joe Weschler was returning from Kings Dominion with his family when the Chevy Traverse he was driving burst into flames from a fuel leak. His wife Michelle was in the passenger seat and his son Dalton in his car seat in back.

In January of this year, an electrical fire gutted their home in Moyock while they slept. He was able to save his family but the family pets perished. As for the car fire, here is an excerpt from a Virginian Pilot story:

Petty Officer Nightingale struggled to get Dalton out of the car because he was pinned under his father. Joe Weschler had taken his son out of his car seat, and when he couldn't get them out of the car, he tried to protect him from the flames with his own body.

Chief Weschler succeeded in protecting his son long enough for Petty Officer Nightingale to pull him from the vehicle. Chief Weschler died a hero. Dalton is no longer in critical condition, it appears that he will eventually make a full recovery due in large part to his father's sacrifice. His mother, Michelle, is still in critical condition.

I am writing this email to let everyone know a memorial fund has been established at Navy Federal Credit Union. You can donate at any NFCU branch under "Joseph Weschler Memorial Fund". Access number 6043121.

My contact number is 757 492 7103
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Tell the family to setup a paypal account and I would be glad to make a donation, this is a horrible story.
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Yes, let me know as well when the pay pal is set up and I will forward to all my family and friends, I am sure they would all want to help this child. Pay pal would be the quickest and easiest way to donate. Di
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Old July 15th, 2011, 12:28 PM   #4
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Originally Posted by 04NCCOBRA View Post

Tell the family to setup a paypal account and I would be glad to make a donation, this is a horrible story.
That works for me....let me know when the account is set up....
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I doubt Jerry is monitoring this thread as Ben was the OP. If it would make life easier, the FFC would be happy to collect the funds for donation and send to the NFCU.

The branch Ben is referring to is in Moyock. Right past Sonic/Advance Auto Parts on the left going north.

Meanwhile, I'll send a message to Jerry and see if they have considered a PayPal account.

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