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April 19th, 2009, 08:05 PM
This is a message from Di Watson concerning her knee surgery and recovery.

Di, our prayers are with you for a speedy recovery and a healthy outcome.

Dear Friends and family.
I MADE IT THRU MY KNEE SURGERY OK. It took longer than I thought but he found kind of a mess when he got in there. he told Ron that it was like a tire that has worn out unevenly. He had to remove part of the meniscus that was torn. then he had to shave the damaged cartilage and smooth it out. removing some small fragments, then he had to do a patella release to straighten up the knee and give it better range of motion, and re-aligning it with the femur. The arthritis had really taken its toll. and my bone structure is becoming porous. I sure hope this works and can buy me some time. the next step is total replacement.

I'm sneaking up to the computer while Ron's asleep, I'm only supposed to get out of bed for food or potty breaks. I have to keep my leg perfectly straight. It does hurt a lot. They kept pumping me full of pain killers at the hospital but nothing really worked.Then they gave me 2 percasette(don't know how to spell it), I didn't notice a thing.
In recovery I had some trouble keeping my blood pressure down(188/100) and my oxygen sats. up(85) But I totally freaked out the nurse when I began to meditate to ease the pain (something I learned to combat the fibromyalgia pain) and with in a few minutes I lowered my pressure to 106/55 and up the O2 to 100%. She kept saying "How do you do that?" at a later point it started to happen again and I was able to repeat the process. she said she has never seen anyone do that before. since I could repeat the process at will she knew it wasn't a fluke. She was telling all the other nurses about it and said I can show you the printouts!
I think it is just a gift from GOD to help me deal with the every day pain I have when it gets to be too much to bear.
I did get to finally eat , we went to Shoney's on the way home and I pigged out. I hadn't had any food for 18 hours! I was supposed to take it easy on the food for a while but I felt fine other than the pain.

I better get back to bed. Just wanted to give you all the scoop. I will be up and around in no time !!!

love ya
Di Watson