View Full Version : SEVMC's Toy Run

December 8th, 2008, 07:58 AM
Jerry sent me an email about their dedicated toy run last night but then I also saw it on the news(13). I thought I'd post a link here about the little boy they have adopted and pass on Jerry's Christmas Wish...


Greetings..Most of you know about Logan - a 7 year old who is dealing with Ewings Sarcoma Cancer. As a reminder www.jerrysfabricarts.blogspot.com has a pic his Mom took of him with his quilt.. I am asking all of you to PLEASE send him a Christmas card..AND ask ALL of your friends to send him one - and to Susan, don't forget your friends in Hong Kong, London, Dubai, or where ever else you have lived..Help put some smiles on the face of this child. He is adorable and takes your heart with his smile..That is what I want for Christmas..just a simple card sent to: Logan Davis - 1701 Sunrise Drive - Virginia Beach, Virginia 23455..thanks for listening..Jerry

It would be great if while you're sending out your cards this year that you include one to this very special little boy! :)