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October 7th, 2007, 09:33 PM
Just in case anyone was wondering who I am.

I'm Mike and I'm 26. I work on computers and telecommunications in Nags Head. Not for the town, but anyway, I'm more well known on what used to be a white 2006 Limited Edition Hayabusa that was recently totalled in an accident on August 30th of this year. I'm currently in the middle of a rebuild of my 1994 3000GT VR-4 (twin turbo, all wheel drive) and hopefully I will be able to drive it again soon (I'm aiming for 2 weeks and roughly October 19th.)

Currently, the transmission is getting the 3rd gear synchro replaced, my SPEC Stage II clutch (six puck, sprung hub, kevlar) is getting replaced with a SPEC Stage III+ clutch (full face, sprung hub, carbon-metallic.) I'm also getting rid of all unneccessary vaccuum lines since I'm upgrading the turbos on the car as well.

Future plans include upgraded heads to flow better and support the larger turbos as well as a standalone engine management system and upgraded fuel system compared to the piggy-back I have now and upgraded fuel injectors (450's vs. the original 360's)

My goal with this car is to get it around 450-500 All Wheel Horsepower which is a big goal considering this car has a paracitic 22-28% drivetrain loss. With just the a decent fuel tune and the stock turbos with better boost characteristics, this car last dyno'ed 291 AWHP which is about 50HP increase over stock.

So aside from my car, I am also the administrator of FirstFlightCruisers.com and am very open to ideas of what you all are looking to get out of having this website. I don't like the idea of over-moderating a forum and I mostly just like to make sure that things stay in good shape and add things when neccessary. So, if there's something you would like to see added, by all means post it up in the suggestions section and I'll see what I can do to accomodate your request. If you need help, I'm usually pretty close. Don't hesitate to contact me or submit a new thread under the help section.


P.S. for those that have never seen it:


And this is what the bike used to look like: