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March 26th, 2008, 08:31 PM
Hello again everyone,
If anyone missed the meeting last night, you missed an eventful one. Our evening started out with a donation to one of our own. J.T.(has the blue and white nova and the caprice) was presented with a check for $500. For anyone who didn't know, J.T. and his family lost their house to a fire back on Christmas day. He lost most all of his savings and all of his car parts in the fire. J.T. does an enormous amount of work for the club and never hesitates to offer his time or his car just for a ride. J.T. thank you from me and all of the rest of the club.
Second order of business. As of April 30th, if you have not paid your club dues, you will be removed from the club mailing list and will not receive any of the club benefits. Many organizations on the beach are recognizing the club and it's members and are being generous enough to give us discounts(above and beyond the locals discount). With that said, If you have not received your club membership card you need to have a photo of your vehicle submitted to Anissa NO LATER THAN April 30th, or you will not receive a card until dues time next year. Thank you very much Anissa for organizing and putting together these cards.
Moving right along, third order of business. We are putting in an order for new club
cruise-in/car show shirts. This order will be placed next week. These shirts will only be ordered if you have paid for them. It's not just a t-shirt so it costs a few more dollars, and we will not order them mass quantity. The cost will be $23.45 for S through XL and $27.61 for 2XXL through 3XXXL. The shirts will include a club logo on the front and for an additional @2.50 we will add your name to them. Here is the link to a picture of the shirts and the color will be in Yellow and Black.

Last order of business. Chris Devlin, who has been our president for the past 2 years, with much regret, had to resign last night. He has a multitude of things going on right now that supersede his duties as president. The floor was opened to the general membership to nominate themselves or someone else to take over as president. Chris Devlin nominated George Wacker(ME) to take over as president and it was seconded by Page Wiencek, followed by a unanimous vote. Following that we had a nice birthday celebration for Chris with ice cream cake.

Enough of the meeting, now for other business. We will be going to the Crestwell race track this saturday March 29th. We will meet at the Kangaroo at Colington Rd at 9:30 am, from there we will head to Advance Auto Parts in Manteo. We will leave Advance Auto Parts at 10:00 am to head to Crestwell, that should put us there roughly around 11:00 am which is when the gates open. It is a test and tune day so it will cost $20 to race $10 to spectate. Either way it is going to be a fun day.

Some of us have kicked the idea around to have a "Gamblers" race. Meaning, We can 1) all submit a little sum of money into a 'pot' and winner takes all(or top 3 however we decide) or 2) just gain some bragging rights.

The way a gamblers race works, we all do a run or series of runs to establish our run time. Once we have established our times we are capable of running anyone else in the gamblers race. They will adjust the timing of the tree accordingly. So me in my slow as a bumble bee bumblebalt could run against the fast as a stallion grimreeper. Basically whoever hits the lights best should win, as long as you don't run faster than your base time.... Just an idea worth kicking around.

Lastly, then I will let your eyes stop bleeding for the night. Sunday......
We will Be gathering at Hooters from 11:30 until 12:30 for the club photo shoot, and taking pictures from 12:30 until 1:00. I really want to show our support to Hooter's and gather as many cars as possible for the pictures. They are very generous with the club and always go out of their way to accomidate us in any way they can. The least we can do is put together a bunch of cars for a picture. The photo's we will be taking on Sunday will be framed and put on the wall at Hooters. We are getting our own wall to put club photo's on.....I think that's pretty bad-ass.

One we have finished with the photoshoot we are all heading up to Corolla to Zero's subs. I think it is a perfect time of year to make a Corolla run. There are not too many touroids yet and the weather should be similar to paradise.

Thank you all for your participation in the past few weeks, and please keep it up. We are finally starting to figure this machine out, and it's running well.

April 2nd, 2008, 12:01 AM
So since this past weekend was cancelled are we going to try again this week or wait on it a bit? :confused: