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March 1st, 2008, 10:13 AM
Since Madam Secretary is off cruising the slopes, I'll give a brief recap. It won't be as eloquent but hopefully I'll at least remember all that was said. ;)

Spring Show:
As of 2/26/08 we had 50 vehicles preregistered. The poker run numbers were at 16 with a total of 15 cars signed up for the parade. Pre-registration will be open until 3/8/08. We ordered 150 dash plaques so there is no fear of not recieving one. Lunch totals must be turned in by 3/10.

We had a very nice tool kit donated by Advance Auto as a raffle item. WE NEED MORE!!

The Fall Show will be at Midgette's. A flyer will be inserted in the Spring Show goodie bags with the date.

We're finalizing prices on embroidered club shirts, hats and jackets. Prices are also being gathered for oval cling club stickers. These numbers will be finalized by the next board meeting.

The hat was passed for the Roanoke Bible College Men's Basketball team. They left on Weds. the 27th for a tournament in Florida and were a little short in their fundraising. We had one member of the team present. I'm happy to say that we raised over $160.00 for the team that night!!! Thank you FFCs!!

Logo t-shirts are available at $10.00 a piece. There are only a few dozen left so they won't last long. If you are in need of a shirt before the show... I'll have them at the Hooters Cruise Ins each Tuesday night until then. All sizes except 2XL are available, some extremely limited. The black ones are GONE!

The next board meeting is Tuesday 3/18/08 at New York Pizza Pub at 5:30 pm! All members are invited to attend. There is a private room upstairs so it will be much quieter! THANK YOU MITCH for letting us use the room!!

March 1st, 2008, 06:10 PM
Eloquent enough for madam secretary :P

The slopes out here are absolutely stunning, I would upload pictures but I am using a friends computer. I dunno, I might have to move out here and invite the cruisers for the shows they have out here in the summer. I have talked to a few people from some car clubs out here, and they said they have some awesome shows in downtown Frisco and Breckenridge. I will honestly say that pictures do this place absolutely no justice, there is no describing the Rockies.
I'm still debating, extending my trip for a few days, I don't want to leave. The people I am staying with are totally bad-ass, the house is Seconds from the nearest ski lift, and downtown Dillon is a quick walk.
I've been walking down to the local Starbucks every morning and sitting on the patio overlooking some of the tallest mountains here. Absolutely breathtaking.
See you all very soon, I'll run circles around everyone when I get back. I believe my lung capacity is ridiculously huge right now. The first night I woke up several time's because I felt like I was suffocating, This altitude stuff is wierd.


March 4th, 2008, 10:12 PM
One of these days I'm going to attend..looking forward to putting some names and faces to screen names!